"Let me Show You the World in My Eyes" by Haleh.tv. Just saw a Monsanto commercial where they claim to be working with farmers to initiate "farm fresh " food. Seriously? Reptile fucks. A few years back a politically active friend of mine was going off about them and how she was going to take a stand. I thought she was just that, an activist that would get heated about various issues. I didn't get it. Because as long as the food tastes good and you feel decent who cares, right?And then I started the process of shifting and a deep purification , and the higher my vibration got, the less good I felt going to my neighborhood bodega and picking up some tomatoes.It wasn't a choice anymore, it was a necessity. In the beginning of this process that some would deem as an "injury" I would feel in and out of my body by just drinking kava tea.In this time I have taken into radical self care, where part of me angrily fights this path of shifting , feeling like a victim, like a painful huge detour from all that I want to create with my brand . Just as I was about to put out years of creative sacrifice , I realize wholeheartedly that being a conscious authentically expressed healthy being is my brand and my art. Wellness , the highest self integrating with the body fast track version (my experience) is the best "look" out there.The best art out there.The best medium there is.Besides, purifying all that stands between you and the creator is all this game is , right ? I've been so privileged to learn from amazing teachers. And without giving them credit, I would never be able to be my true self.In this past year I've watched so many things fall away that I loved. Somehow every time I would attempt to do them, it would get thwarted. Nightlife, parties, being out and about, working at a frenetic pace, taking the subway.All of it blocked consistently. It's scary and like living in the twilight zone, with genetically modified foods designed to harm us. To keep us from being awakened individuals. And if this is happening to me, it's only a matter of time where it starts to affect everyone. Then shit will really hit the fan, and should be very intere