“Caught in a Landslide, No escape From Reality” By Haleh.tv If divine love is always present with us no matter what. Are there forces that try to seperate us from it? And if so, how can they be stopped? And why aren’t they? Especially if we keep trying and preying for help. Or how does our unconscious Keep us in this separation? Or both? And if so how come the awareness of it doesn’t make it stop or shift. Like it used to. Isn’t the slightest willingness or awareness of perception create miracles? Or maybe it’s patience? In the dark night of the soul, (literally the fucking 3rd I’ve gone through since 2010) Is the absence of feeling that beautiful vibration of gods love a part of this dark night path? And if so, wtf is the purpose of feeling starved of gods love.? Like no matter how much you try to connect with that pure vibration of love. It evades you. I’ve held fifty fucking Platonic solid universal geometric pattern rose quarters. And even gridded myself with them. Nada. Just to be clear, this is not a victim pity party. I’m not at all fishing for anything outside love. Thats beyond tacky. And I don’t need to honey. would never open up myself in this way for that. But this is something I’ve come up against, so I’ll use my experience as service. Or else this shits in vain. I used to connect to it very easily. I’m not talking about romantic love, platonic love, familial love, love of all the objects expressions art etc.Nothing tangible, or even non tangible in the material but still tangible like music. Love for anything or anyone. Or someone or something else giving it to you, which can be magical but not I’m referring to. about the essence of pure source love. About connecting to how much creator loves you. Feeling it. And feeling it. When I would meditate or simply ask for it, I would immediately receive it. Evan better than the other thing, Because in this case It is the real thing. And the only thing. A No-thing. The clencher here if this is that we are wired and created for,with , And around for this vibration Source love. The same glue that binds, fills and permeates the entire universe. And it is requir

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