The Dark Night of the Soul

As time moves on completely bypassing what I hoped and planned would happen for me and to me today, I write and share the frustration I feel around creating another collection. Another work of my expression feels like it wants to burst through me and into this space called for well over a year now.

Expressions that are formed within me to share feel like they are meant to do just that. Making me feel as though unless I have a purpose in expression, then I must not have a purpose at all.

Upon me stands a new form of my creation that goes beyond the usual suspected versions of what is considered typical in the Industries I partake in.

All of them must form a purpose, right? Or else why express them ?

In the midst of all these frustrations around having what I feel is necessary to share , I wonder why I desire doing this and more. I feel stagnated in accomplishing the vision I have for this company, which is my baby so to speak.

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