About Haleh.tv

This is the Journal of Haleh Nematzadeh. My whole life I’ve been obsessed, amused, enchanted, and invited to play with clothes. Fashion to me is about the brightness and wonder you can fill in your everyday world. When I am ready to play, my mix often comes out in ways to explore and synchronize the languages of things that I love: Fashion, Music, Beauty, Style, and Nightlife.

I love to see people dress and express who they are in their looks, out on the street. Street Style to me is spending in a way that makes sense, gets a strong look across, and gives High Fashion a home. Today’s world is so much about the mix that makes it interesting. Fashion should progress people’s environments and thoughts. I choose to also inspire those that would normally shy away from anything left of center to do so, it can wake them up to an authentic side of themselves. I love the life that I’m meant to live, and I am living that life. Everyday I have new thoughts relating to these types of subjects. Play with me when you get a chance, we can have fun chasing our dreams.

I bring you Haleh Nematzadeh’s Blog, life, beauty, scene, and dreams. Check in with me when you feel like moving and shaking.