As I move into a new chapter in my way of communicating and being the time calls from within me to allow my truth to just shine.

A standard that I witness is barely keeping the threads together of what I used to find valuable. Now I look to those things as barren as a desert landscape and filled with a new perspective that needs to come in and sweep the old away.  The old being the way it isn’t working, the way it isn’t really serving, and the way that many of us need to feel in order for the other to deem us valuable or loved.

Such a travesty to me personally as I move into a new frequency and learn the lesson that the value comes from the connection to source.  I am taught that time and time again.

As I awaken I feel fear come up around what I see around me.  What I feel within me. The hope that melds me into a new person.  Desirous of expression, angry at circumstance that have held me back. Grateful for them at the same time. In this moment in time I share a picture and snapshot of my views, because I feel there is no choice for me not to anymore.

Please allow my words to be of service to anyone who may agree, and to those who are not, thank you for being the antagonist in my story.

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