Days of Thunder

“” --

Days of total darkness will be complete with mystical settings that converge quietly as many go through their dark night of the soul period.

I’m intrigued by these events as both biblical and spiritual reference.

For those of us who are going through the shifts, me in particular having gone through a mind bending process that I’ve been enduring for over a year, intensely a completion feels both vital and necessary.

More so than anything because of how alienating this passage presents for me, and these shifts for others must feel.

Sometimes it feels like living in a planet that may not be able to support me as a human being as it once had.

Living in my human body feels disconnected in supporting me as a a spirit as it did previously.

Or vice versa.

The food is being mutated,
The air twisted
The meds upgraded and synthesized

Nowhere near any of these subjects is a mention of the vibratory and planetary shifts that undermine our sense of oneness and unity.

It feels wonky, and shakey. Time feels super sped up, or I simply have to step away from time altogether.

There was a period where this new vibration clearly felt like it was entering my body, making my already
empathic/clairvoyant/clairaudient/clairsentient spirit hyper hyper sensitive , hesitating out of fear of constant bombardment and psychic attack.

Palpably and panically felt momentarily upon leaving my door.

Like having to carry all these expansive energies in my tiny body, and being resentful that they weren’t mine.

The twilight zone indeed.
In a period of twilight lit nights
Days submerged in complete darkness.
Foreshadowing with my sincerest hope the dawn of a fruitful new era .
At home and at peace with the planet I inhabit, and the process I have endured.

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