My hiding out streak gets busted by (@iD_magazine) … “Straight Up I’ll tell U” An essay by Being “straight up” is a tough way to live. You give up everything in order to gain what’s real. Straight up here I am, being witnessed in my look which is more so my brand than ever, and in hindsight it always was. To influence means to embody your truth, and release all stagnation and ties. Being witnessed straight up from this publication carries significance in my being as it shaped my thoughts and influence me to feel comforted by what I was seeking during formative years. My hope is there will always be raw intelligence in the media, as I remember and salute the era of The Face, and I-D in their original incarnations and intentions. #iDmagazine #idmagazine #halehnematzadeh #halehtv #nofilter #hashtaggingisOdbutsometimesgottadoem

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