So I just saw a style blog capture me on the street here in NYC only to tag and associate me with that horrid mess called Coachella. It took me since 2011 to finally transform into this. “This” may not be understandable from a picture where I’m just in leggings running to the doc, what I’m referring to is its fullest expression. I work and create three years ahead of myself in terms of what I will come out with next. When I work on a “collection” if you will call it that. I know the next three that are coming out simultaneously after. If I have decided to morph into the next, it’s because I’m ready to come out with that “collection”. I have to be prepared to fight and protect at all costs. And since I’ve been dealing with something physical for quiet some time which I’m now proudly coming out of, I can now morph into this knowing I can do so. Here is the problem I have with all these “style” blogs, Instagram pages etc. What started out as something very powerful and equalizing , something that gave those a voice where they wouldn’t have had a chance in that old paradigm myself included has imploded on itself. There is nothing better than doing what u love, and expressing what inspires you. But, for fuck sake do your research and learn , dare I say experience what you are referencing before you reference them. People are referencing subcultures all the time now without understanding their power. To walk around and embody these movements when they first came out meant you would be made fun of all the time, being called a “freak” 15 times a day,ridiculed and ostracized from conventional societal norms. Health goth is not a subculture. It’s a style of dressing that got popular from a few influential Instagram accounts. There is a difference. Boy london was a brand heavily involved and influencing many different scenes. it has nothing to do with a lame ass music festival corporate monstrosity Coachella has evolved into over the past years. My comment to them:

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