Bouncing Back

As I write you today here and now, a lot of a lot has shifted since I started Haleh Nematzadeh.

A rapid transformation through the winding and difficult path of having a clothing collection can provide an eagerness to see my vision through.

The heartache of not being about to do so, in moments I badly wanted to.

Within that timeframe much has changed within our collective consciousness as it is done with mine.

I sometimes felt either stifled or burdened by how much collateral it would mean to run a fashion brand in the way it was seemingly taught or dictated to me. An illusion of joy glimmered with the hope of doing another show and making a big and which ever type of context that would mean. Feeling frustrated by my difficulty and what it means to succeed or not to.

Within that timeframe I allowed myself to create in ways that feel meaningful, magical and somewhat scary. I allowed myself to create for clients, to create on social media, and allow my love of music to guide me into a different direction.

Now I look back on that time grateful for what I’ve become, and what I’ve had to let go of, fearfully. A new direction forward has been carved and I’m eager to bring it to you through my s/s 2013 collection entitled “Gonna Walk The Night”. Much of it demonstrates this journey, because I’m authentically and emotionally attached to clothing and can’t imagine separating my personal story from the collection. Somehow I’ve grown to believe that the story and experience are as vital as the collection, even if not considered to have any monetary value as of yet.

As I strive forward to connecting with those that I’m continually inspired by, my experiences then become so much more worthwhile and willing. My experiences as a story can then become the catalyst and a merger for all the different facets of this new medium which is nothing more than what I love, in a merged format.

It feels scary to expose this new point of view, and myself in this way. It feels scary to post without any other intention than to share the real story of this collection which is my own. This space is my diary, and from this moment forward I choose to share what’s behind the desire for this vision.

As I’ve experienced recently going into those seemingly shadow parts of myself with the amazing mind training I receive at Superstar Machine, I’ve learned that plunging into these aspects of ourselves is what exposes the real magic. Connection is that magic to me, the connection of bringing everything full circle into this new space where I create my story ,site, sounds, words ,and style.

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