Stop the Fashion System !

A collection in my mind has begun to bleed into other mediums once thought of as separate entities. Mediums that are disciplined in structure, vibrant in nature, and combine in ways that can increase our pleasure and thoughts on what it means to go through pain.

I share in this way now, on because I think it’s an opportunity to be bold and explore other mediums that I choose to also create in. Fashion is cyclical in nature and so therefore the cycle of stale collections is seemingly starting to become more chore like, and bore like. Somewhere in between there must be something more inspirational and moving. Perhaps I’m searching for what it is I’m meaning to create. What I share with you all are my personal stories to the clothing I create, and the music I record. I see how moving personal style is in expressing a vision and in putting a new expression forward. With these voices of stories that involve cyclical, musical , and stylistic trends it all works.

I leave you with my latest post around my S/S 2013 entitled “Gonna Walk the Night”. It’s was a ton of fun to create, and a lot of time to put together this new direction forward. Clothing is a fierce medium to use in displaying a feeling and influencing the wearers experience, so why not give them my experience? Why not share with them the rest of this vision and put together content from this collection, one that shares my vision in an honest and more open way? I then can just be as I’m supposed to, and allow the words to convey a certain feeling.

In that way we are all connected. We can all be influential towards one another in media. It’s fun to present and prevent each other from poorly affecting a dumbed down version of what are our arts are supposed to mean. It’s a shame for the exploration of the field to desist and waiver.

This is heady and very much a feeling, so I’ll just leave it at that. Having the opportunity to use the medium of media as a tool for connection is what’s enticing me forward to explore and since I have that desire, I’ll share it all with you here and now even though it may be scary.

I find this to be a thrilling indication of successful territory and a way out of becoming a zombie as this collection imagery jokingly pokes fun at. There is so much content out there bombarding us in fashion that it feels boringly unified, like a land of the living dead.

So I decided to journey into the night, and go into those spooky places to live within each of us.

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